Why Adelaster?

    I'm always making up words for stories I write, and the word "adelaster" just popped in my head one day. There was a flow, a proverbial "ring" to the word, that enticed me. So I did a little more research to see if it's actually a word.
    According to Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, "adelaster" is indeed a word:
    Adelaster: A provisional name for a plant which has not had its flowers botanically examined, and therefore has not been referred to its proper genus.
     I kinda think that we're all metaphorically adelasters. We're like flowers: intricate, wondrous creations. And yet like adelasters, most people - probably all people - don't fit into neat boundaries. There's no proper label we fit into. But since we're all made in God's image, I'd wager we're not supposed to fit into classifications, either. 
    Maybe we're the outcasts and the seekers who find a home in the wilderness. 
    I'd wager He likes us as adelasters.

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