About Me

    Welcome to my blog, friend!
    (You're always welcome here). 
    My name is Kelley, Kelley Elizabeth Danahy. Besides being an organic chemistry nerd / graduate student at MIT, I'm an obsessive writer, an eclectic eccentric and a wannabe polymath who dreams of blue tulips, rainbow nights, and resurrections. Or I try to, at least.
    I'm more a listener than a talker, which makes blogging an ... interesting endeavor. However, I'm pretty passionate about people and stories and writing, and if blogging ignites those passions, I'm sticking to it.
    Other things I'm passionate about besides organic chemistry, literature, and writing: Jesus, 
coffee, and cats. (Especially my hyperactive kittens, Myshkin and Sushi - who often try to help me with this blog by gleefully stomping all over my keyboard).
But, Mommy, I want to blog!
    As a scientist and a writer, I strongly believe that there's an art to science and a science to art, and I love both.
    I also suspect that, despite what society tells us, feeling might actually be as important as thinking.
    Generally I try to keep quiet about my or the world's issues and avoid judgement, but since I haven't found secrecy particularly helpful, I figured why not subvert my trend and share my struggles on a blog for the whole web to see? In fact, this blog brings me one step closer to my  dream of one day walking up to a stranger and saying, "Hello, my name is Kelley. Let's share our deepest, darkest secrets and be friends." But I'll settle for practice on the Internet right now.
I can blog better than you, human.
    I'm recovering from depression and anxiety issues, and I've been recovering from an eating disorder for some years now.

    My faith is a work in progress and at times I feel like I'm floundering with questions and doubts and indignation, but the Person of Jesus draws me in. I've always lived for performance and results, and the idea of a Creator Who cares about me and all of us no matter how screwed over and screwed up we are ... Yeah, that compels me.
     All I know is I want a God who is Good, I want the chance to love everyone who ever lived, and I want losing myself in possibilities and imaginings to be the only home I know.
    So if you're curious, killing time, or procrastinating an important project, you're welcome to hang here and learn more, whoever you might be.
    I may or may not know you yet, but I'd love to get to know you better! Check out my Contact page, and let's be friends.


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