Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation, A Possible Hiatus, and a Series Announcement, All in One Post

    I finished my finals on almost two weeks ago.
    I graduated - wait, what?! Hold up!
    How? When did life start happening?
Yes, this is Sushi. You knew I'd work him in this post somehow, right?
    I'm a ball of mixed-up emotions and I don't even know where to start untangling them.
    It's fine. I'm totally cool. I'll go to grad school, do a postdoc, then be a professor and NEVER LEAVE SCHOOL. So long, adult world.
     Just kidding. Life isn't so simple to fall into my plans.
     I started a pre-med biology major and halfway through my first year fell in love with chemistry. In fact, I wound up dropping pre-med in favor of research into that wonderful mystery called chemistry
     And now I'm going for a PhD in chemistry and I'm really excited and happy and, oh, I finally figured out the necessary details to write the story I've been working on. Only took me seven years (really).
    But, anyways, I graduated Saturday.
There's a rumor that you won't graduate on time if you step on the Marsh Chapel seal. So, of course, the first thing we did after receiving our diplomas was jump on it.

    Which means, besides freedom (until MIT?), I'm able to head over to the Middle East with a college organization. Basically we'll be doing work with refugees and learning about a different culture, interacting with Middle Eastern college students, and, well, a lot more. 
    I've heard we're headed to a very friendly culture, which both excites and scares little introverted me. I'm sure many interesting challenges lie ahead - and probably a few tears and anxiety issues. What a great way to celebrate the end of college - no, seriously. I'm hoping this is going to be a good way to squeeze outta my very narrow comfort zone.
    I suppose I'm also hoping for space away from crazy American Christian culture, space to water my faith- space for a new perspective to blossom - space for me to wrestle with God and crash into Him if need be. 
    But it's a six week long project, meaning ... I might not be posting too regularly, if at all, until the second week of July. Well, I'm currently composing one more post for the end of this week, but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post in the Middle East.
    When I do return to regular blogging, I'm hoping to post detailed reviews of both Matthew Vines' God and the Gay Christian and Al Mohler's response to Matthew Vines. I've frequently mentioned how confused I am over the gay conflict, how I feel like my heart and my spirit are torn to shreds over this issue. So why not explore deeper, with a series of (hopefully objective and organized) reviews?
    And prayers and well-wishes in the meantime are appreciated. I love you guys!


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