Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Am the Destructivist

    Hey y'all, hey. I only lost part of my soul to finals, meaning I'm able to write again. So let's start with something fun - like The Face of Evil.
    The Face of Evil? How is that fun?
    It's fun when evil is a cat, that's how.
    Given my position as a perpetually insane organic chemistry grad student, if you remember last August I got my little Sushi a brother: Myshkin.
    Secret Identity # 1: The Destructivist.
    Whether it's climbing the wall, swinging from the curtains, ruining each and every decoration I've put out, burrowing under the covers to attack my feet at 3 am, or eating my homework three times, Myshkin loves destruction. In fact, you might say he is in love with destruction. 

    Secret Identity # 2: The Face of Evil.
    Evil has never looked this cute. When I first met him, he was a tiny four month old huddled in a corner of a cage in a rescue home. Shy and sweet. 
    A timid personality, I was told.
    "Purrfect!" said I, naive and innocent.
    Inwardly, I'm sure that's when he started smirking.
    He hasn't stopped since.
"I may be little but Imma clog up your sink, Mommy."
    Secret Identity # 3: Ultron.
    I've never seen a cat scream for food louder than this kitten. Every morning when my alarm goes off, he squeals with delight - and pounces on my chest.
    (He's a good masseuse).
     We then proceed to cuddle until he decides to run into the kitchen, and then and only then may I feed the hungry barbarian.
     As he yowls and Sushi jumps up and down, as I scoop kibbles into their bowls, I tease him that he's a classic villain.
     With furs.
What flavor is this, debit or credit? Nomnom.
     But all in all, he's a sweet, attention-craving love. And life would be super boring without him.
I love my brofur, Sushi.

    There strings...on him...


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  1. If Myshkin had strings on him, he'd probably spend all his energy attacking himself.