Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Massachusetts: People are More than Objects

    Read this article, for without it the rest of this post will make no sense:
    Are you kidding me? 
    Okay. Let's analyze this decision. Taking photos up a person's clothing is not illegal because they are wearing clothing underneath.
    This reasoning is fundamentally flawed.
    Why? Because the violation of having someone photograph up your shirt isn't just a violation of your body, it's a violation of your personhood. Your rights decide what people do with to your own body, your rights not to fear being someone's object for their sexual desires, your rights to be a person. Your body is a part of you - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual if you believe that - and having someone take pictures in ways you don't want violates that.
   The Supreme Court's ruling completely overlooks the personhood of these citizens, instead, this ruling objectifies a group of people who have historically been objectified over and over: women. So for a state that prides itself in advocating equality, Massachusetts just showed how very far it has to go in the fight for human equality. Because if you don't recognize at least the physical, emotional, and mental pieces to humanity, you reject their wholeness as a human.
    Thus, the Supreme Court's ruling is a ruling based on just the opposite of what this country was founded on: the full worth of people, with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Supreme Court's ruling violated these three things, and by reducing the women in this case to objects, violated their personhood in a way that blatantly disregarded the spirit of the Constitution, which recognizes the human worth in women and men regardless of race, gender, etc.
    Is there anything we can do, any petition, protest to stage, to call attention to and challenge this gross injustice? If you know, please, please let me know.

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