Monday, March 31, 2014

I Am Lord Volderon

    I've recently become convinced that internet comments were probably invented by Sauron. Or Voldemort. Whichever Dark Lord suits your fancy (Volderon? Sauremort?).
    Sometimes, these comments upset me. Especially when people go all FEELINGSSSSS!, or all THINKING IS THE ANSWER, ignoring that special thing called nuance (It's a pet peeve of mine).
    But then there are comments like yesterday's. On another blog, a commentator came right out and said:
    1) I can't be part of a Christian organization
    2) the Jesus I "obviously know nothing about" has "rejected" my "behavior" 
    3) I clearly support everything from assassinations to lies, and
    4) all of this culminates in "Back off Satan" . (There was no exclamation point or period to end the sentence).
     ... Well, I had to laugh at this. Especially since all I did was suggest s/he read what Jesus said about judging before throwing Bible verses at other commentators to condemn them to hell. Plus, the comment was rife with grammatical errors (I will not repent of my grammar fetish! I will not!). 
    So, there you go. I serve Satan. Or I am Satan. I'm not really sure what s/he meant. Don't really care, either. Nor do I care about the gross exaggerations and fallacious parts.
    I promise there's a point to this, however.
    Basically, this commentator insisted that I cannot be part of a Christian organization. And, you know what?
    Perfectly fine with me, dude. 
    Because I don't like organizations. Or classes.
    And if all Christianity is just an organization, then it's an impersonal farce and we should raze that cage.
    But organizations are not people
    Organizations are what we design to ensure everyone works efficiently as they are supposed to, suppressing people into neat little categories that don't hold because, you know, complexity. Organizations are inherently impersonal; it's the people of an organization that can render it personal (or not).
    So there you have it. I'd rather be part of a body, of a people, a people following a Person who just might have been what every Human and every God is supposed to be.
    What would you prefer? Is there another side to this I'm missing?


P.S. - This is in no way intended to disparage the person whose comment inspired this post. I do not know who s/he is, and therefore I wish s/he all the best and will be praying for s/he.

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