Monday, April 28, 2014

There are Introverts Under My Bed!

    If you met me, it would probably take you 0.25 seconds (yes, exactly 0.25) to figure out that I'm an introvert. From my soft voice to my anxious tone to my direct, monosyllable responses, I pretty much fulfill every introvert stereotype come to life.
    But there are a lot of introverts out there, some of whom you'd probably never guess are introverts. Some of my closest friends are sweet and friendly and inviting, and they're introverts. You know, the "extroverted introverts."
    Even as an introverted introvert, most of us are not people haters. I mean, well, I like you. I might not talk much to you, and if I do, it'll probably be awkward - but I do like you.
    And if I bow out of plans, it's not because I'm trying to be a flake. Is it selfish? Maybe, but it's not because I want to hurt you.
    It's just, you know, leaving the comfort of my home, leaving my beautiful writing project, for something draining like a party, well... It's not my favorite activity. Truth is I get more energy from studying than from people. Can't we hang out over coffee, or maybe online?
    You probably don't want to constantly get together to study. That's fine. I don't want to constantly get together to party. Deal? :)
    Between 25-50% of us are introverts. Not a small number by any means. Yet it's still considered a negative trait. I'm always hearing comments along the lines of "Oh, it's such a shame she's so quiet ... "
    And I'm like Shame?! Shame?!?! How about good! The world needs more quiet thinkers sometimes! (Because, see, my thoughts are never quiet).
    It's especially exhausting as a Christian, because I don't have the right personality Christian culture says I should have. I'm not the bubbly type who immediately makes you feel welcomed, though, believe me, I want to be (and, despite my quietness, know that you are always welcomed by me). Unfortunately, when it's meet and greet time at church, my instinct is to flee the sanctuary faster than you can say "Peace be with you."
    I used to try to fix myself. I prayed and cried and loathed my personality in a desperate fight for change. I didn't change, but my perspective on myself is changing.
    I mean, did you know that introverts make up a majority of sciences and arts? (Perfect for me, right).
    Did you know that introverts are more likely to go to college, and extroverts and more likely to be involved in team activities?
    Did you know that introverts have more brain activity in planning and problem solving, while extroverts have more brain activity in sensory processing?
    Did you know that neither type is better than the other?
    Do you know I love you?
    But I'm not trying to change my introversion anymore. Because I'm an introvert, not a scary monster hiding under your bed. ;)
    I love you, wonderful people. 


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